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Matt's Dragster


A half scale mini rail dragster that has a 52 horsepower 3 X 3 ½ Flathead Briggs & Stratton engine and travels about 83miles per hour in 7.9 seconds in an eighth of a mile drag strip. His fastest official recorded time on the track is 93 mph.


1. 2009 Farmington Dragway - Two 1st place finishes in 8-9 year old division,          Three Runners up finishes in 8-9 year old division.


2. 2009 Piedmont Dragway - Two runner-up finishes, 1 semifinalist finish, Finished 5th in Point Standing out of over30 drivers.


3. 2008 Farmington Dragway - Finished 14th in points out of over 30 drivers.


4. 2007 Farmington Dragway - Finished 13th in points out of over 30 drivers.


5. 2007 Farmington Dragway – Jr. Dragster Shootout with over 80 racers finished     in the final 8.








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