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"Racing on a Mission in 2016"

Matt and Morehouse School of Medicine focus on Healthy Living, Community Engagement and STEAM

September 19, 2015 Team Matt visited the beautiful campus of Morehouse School of Medicine to participate in the Healthy Living & Community Engagement Day. Over 400 medical students, health educators and community residents from accross the country participated in the event. Very simililar to Matt's annual Health & Image Fair, the event focused on the importance of healthy living by providing health education, screenings and various other resources. In addition, fun, games and a focus on STEAM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts,Math) activities were provided. The event accomplished its goal and Team Matt thanks Moreshouse officials, organizers and new fans for the opportunity to participate in the event. 

Matt Featured Guest at Morehouse School of Medicine Healthy Living & Community Engagement Conference

Team Matt is headed to Atlanta Georgia to engage participants in the Morehouse School of Medicine Healthy Living & Community Engagement Conference Saturday, September 19, 2015. For more information click below.

Seventh Annual Fair a Success

August 18, 2015


Special thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors that helped to make the 7th annual Health & Image Fair a success. Close to 100 kids and family members enjoyed the food, receiving school supplies, getting stylish hair cuts and receiving health education tips and screenings. Comments like the video below is why we look forward to hosting this event every year. For more information about other projects Matt Murphy IV Foundation is involved with click here.  

Caraway Speedway Results

July 25, 2015


Caraway Speedway's outcome resulted in an 8th place finish. During qualifying some rear damage occured to the car and during the race wires inside the car caught fire on lap 17 resulting in a short race and not a very good day  for the Straight to Heaven #7. Staying positive and moving forward in preparation for the next race at Southern National Motorsports Park on September 26. 

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Annual Health & Image Fair

August 18, 2015

Winston Lake YMCA

Donate to Project S.H.A.R.E Annual Health & Image Back To School Fair Event Today!!!

Matt receives the Northwest YMCA Youth Achievers Award
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